About us


Sea Point provides a once in a lifetime experience consisting of personal growth, physical improvement and technical development through connection with nature and people and, largely, through sports.

Sea Point focuses on SAFETY

There is no such thing as too much safety. During the trip we will be together with you offering assistance and support so that everything goes well. Our team is highly trained and insure safety while you enjoy the best experiences.

Sea Point focuses on FRIENDSHIP

Friendship is one of the principles of Sea Point. Here we connect people from all over the world, learn from each other, from new experiences and from new discoveries. The result: new partnerships and new friendships that last for life. Come with your friends, come with your family, come alone – everyone is welcome!

Sea Point focuses on ADVENTURE

Everyone is looking for adventure and new challenges. At Sea Point you have the opportunity to surpass your limits and venture into unfamiliar ground and unusual environments with experiences that release adrenaline, always alongside the best crowd.

Sea Point focuses on CONNECTION

There are some special moments in life. Moments that we truly and deeply connect with nature, with people. And it’s on that rare moment, that all problems go away. Connect, feel that energy and become free.

Sea Point focuses on IMPROVEMENT

Here improvement is inevitable. Every travels has one thing in common: growth through sport! We work so you can overcome your fears and cross your limits, and it is your improvement that drive us to bring the same growth to more people.

Lucas Rocha Cosme
22 anos
Empreendedor e atleta

Instagram: @lucascosmer
Facebook: Lucas Rocha Cosme

From a very young age I played in a soccer team, encouraged by my father who was a passionate player in the defender position for many years. But, everything changed when I got into the sea to surf. That day I felt an incredible connection with the sea! As time went on, I was getting more and more attached, and when I thought that it couldn’t get any better I was introduced to KITESURF. It was 2010 and I was only 13 years old but that moment has certainly changed my life. At the time, kitesurfing was a very expensive sport and I did not have the means to pay for it. But then I got an invitation from my cousin and forever coach Carlos Nelson (Nelsinho), who invited me to work at a coconut stand on the beach, in front of his kitesurfing school. The coconut stand did not fare well. But instead of moving on I convinced myself that I should be there. It was at this time that I decided that I would sail, and I would keep coming to the beach regardless of the weather, regardless of the sacrifices. I put it in my head that I would do it and for this inexplicable desire, I stayed on the beach for 6 months, without making any money, without any incentive other than my desire. From 11 am to 6 pm I was there learning, observing the theory and practical classes and imagining fulfilling this dream. During these months, I didn’t even once have the opportunity to enter the water and sail. I just exchanged work for knowledge. After 6 months on the sand I had my first body drag, I remember it as if it was yesterday, smiling from ear to ear, feeling pure and sensational joy… Only feeling the moment, without worries, without problems , feeling like that was the best that life could offer. From there my life changed for the better once more. I became more and more addicted and crazy about the sport with every passing day. Then at the age of 14 I started working with kitesurfing – and to this day this is still my line of work. I have been a student, an instructor’s assistant, an instructor, a school associate and now I am a company owner who provides sensational experiences like the ones I had! I am grateful to all who have contributed in some way for me to get to the point where I am today. In my journey I had the opportunity to get to know incredible places, amazing people and feel indescribable sensations. Now I, Lucas Rocha Cosme, commit myself to provide to the largest amount of people, their families and their friends with this experience of well-being and peace! Sea Point is for that: connecting people through sport and nature. Kitesurf has changed my life. I’m sure it can also change yours!